Social responsability

Social responsability

The main focus of the Hotel Libertador projects is to contribute sustainably to our neighboring communities. This does not imply offering handouts, rather creating solutions to common problems in the community, that they would then continue to maintain over time.

  • Together Making a Difference:

    This goal of this program is to enable inclusion in core areas of hospitality, in the form of internships for young people with disabilities. It has been running for two years in the Libertador Lima, Libertador Trujillo and Libertador Arequipa and was also recently implemented at the Westin Lima Hotel.

  • Alma Mantay Jewelery:

    The Palacio del Inka has set aside a special section of their gift shop for the leather products crafted by teen mothers living at the Casa Hogar Mantay. With the income from sales of these products, they can feed their children and other youths sheltered at the home.

  • Paint Your Neighbourhood:

    3 years ago, the Tambo del Inka hotel began work with the community and local authorities to help paint homes of the local village, Urubamba. Three blocks have already been painted with the additional support of other private companies. This initiative has also been picked up by the Libertador Arequipa and this year, the Palacio del Inka, Cusco, will begin this campaign.

  • Paint your Boat:

    The Hotel Paracas developed a locally relevant alternative to “paint your neighborhood”, calling the project “paint your boat”, rethinking the project to be of most benefit to the fishermen of El Chaco.

  • Healthy Homes:

    Tambo del Inka does important work in the community of Tarapata, encouraging the villagers to keep their houses clean. Each month staff members carry out visits and award prizes to the cleanest and tidiest houses, which helps improve overall community health and appearance.

  • Taxes at Work:

    For this same community of Tarapata, the Tambo del Inka has submitted three projects to the municipality that will be of great impact among the population. One includes forestation of the area with Tara trees, another will provide the community with sanitary systems while the third will construct sport and recreational facilities. Feasibility studies have already been conducted and these projects will be made reality by year-end.

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